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How can we help?


Is your firm still printing stuff out?  Running out of shelf space?  Are you willing, but think "there is no way I could get [insert name] on board"?  We have been there.  There are many different solutions, from a hybrid system, to fully paperless.  We specialize in ushering your firm into the paperless world.  We will analyze your current system and tailor-make a paperless plan for you.  


How much are you spending on outside tech work?  Are you utilizing technology at all for depositions, mediation, and trial?  We can help.  We will train and implement very easy solutions for making depos pop, mediators listen, and juries pay attention.  Yes you can do it yourself.  No you don't have to pay someone to come and do it for you.  This is our most passionate area.  Just let us get started on all the things you can do with an iPad!


We offer real world tech and workflow solutions to streamline your law firm. The structure of your workflow is key.  In fact, it can be the biggest block to growth and profitability.  Standardizing your workflow will allow your firm to scale up or down, allow you to quickly see the deficiencies, and act quickly to ensure your cases are moving and the checks are coming in.

Document library

Have one?  Does your document library look more like a dump? Are there three different kind of motions for the same thing?  How about petitions?  You should have one document for each subject, named clearly.  We can help with that.  No document library?  We can get you started!


Too many cooks in the kitchen?  Do you have different people doing one thing three different ways?  If it ain't broke don't fix it?  NO!  There will be some friction in this area, but structuring your firm in such a way as to ensure that each person knows who they report to, who they ask questions to, and what they are responsible for right down to the smallest of tasks will enhance productivity, company morale, and profitability.  We will analyze your current structure and make recommendations, along with a handy organizational chart!

internet presence

Tens of thousands of dollars can be spent on internet marketing alone.  Let us show you some cheap and free ways to increase your web presence, or start your web presence.