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4 Reasons to Consider Switching Case Management Software

Recently an attorney told me that he can’t switch case management software because he has used the same system for over 10 years and has invested too much time and money into it.  I couldn’t bring myself to tell him that this is the worst reason imaginable for not considering other solutions.  He sounded almost angry about it, so I backed off.  But I think this is a mindset that is widespread in our community.  If you’ve thought or said the same thing in the past, consider this:


1.      Your employees might be working twice as hard than they need to be

While changing software solutions will always take some time, consider how much time can be saved by streamlining your workflows.  I’ve seen firms that have staff members who only file documents, or ones that only scan mail.  Solutions exist now that automate some if not all of these processes.  If your paralegal is still copying and pasting from forms, you are way behind.  You are running a business.  If your employees can do something in minutes that used to take hours, then they can handle a larger workload, and your firm can profit.  It’s that simple.


2.      Happier clients mean happier lawyers and employees

Communicating with your clients has never been easier with today’s tech solutions.  Text messaging updates, automatic emails, and client portals means less calls asking for case updates and less questions about what to expect.  If the only way your client can communicate with you is by phone, you are way behind.  If your client is well informed and happy, then they are not calling constantly and your employees aren’t dealing with frustrated people that haven’t received a response.  And once again, you have freed up more time to spend on working up your cases.


3.      Streamlined intake means higher conversion

If the intake process is quick and easy, then you’ll convert more calls to clients.  Simply put: if you have an intake sheet with blanks that your employee hand-writes in, you’re wrong.  Even if you have a form PDF document that TYPED answers go in, you’re still behind.  If someone is taking those sheets and spending time inputting them into your case management software, that is wasted time.  Wasted time that could be spent working up the case, informing the client of the process, and sending out letters of representation.  Solutions exist that streamline this process – the case is in the system the moment the client calls, and before he or she hangs up, they have an employment contract to sign electronically.  A portal is created, texts are sent, and information emails are delivered as soon as the call is finished.  Can you say that about your intake processes?


4.      Your competition might be using something that is better

Finally, especially in plaintiff personal injury, new clients are key to driving your business forward.  Consider this: the guy down the street has a case management system that streamlines intake, is easy to learn how to use, and is more efficient than the behemoth you are using now.  This means that as her practice grows, her clients are happier, her workers are more productive, and she’s leaving you in the dust.  So watch out, that young attorney is coming for you, and you’ll have no excuse when they pass you up, because I warned you!

Zachary Herbert