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Monday Morning Roundup

Start your week off right with these articles:

An app for avoiding loud restaurants.  Should be useful for lunch or dinner meetings.  Only in San Francisco right now but plans for major cities in the future. - https://lifehacker.com/this-app-helps-you-avoid-or-find-loud-restaurants-1822903871

Sam Glover wrote an awesome article about inbox zero.  I personally practice inbox zero, with my own personal spin on it.  Here is how to get started - https://lawyerist.com/personal-productivity/inbox-zero/

Goodreader update coming.  Jeff Richardson writes about the issues and promises of GoodReader 5.  I'm not a fan personally, I like PDF Expert for iOS.  If you are a GoodReader fan, check this article out - http://www.iphonejd.com/iphone_jd/2018/02/goodreader-5.html

"AI isn’t some sort of farfetched technology of the future; it’s technology that lawyers can take full advantage of today."  Nicole Black reported on her time at the Legalweek 2018 conference - https://abovethelaw.com/2018/02/running-with-the-robots-at-legalweek/